We believe winners breed winners and are proud to announce we are breeding from 5- 1st Ace pigeons that go back to our Ludo Claessens, 
1st & 3rd 442mi Overall Topeka Midwest Natl. Classic vs 3,619b '16.  We are the only loft in the history of the
Twin City Concourse to ever win 7- 1st Concourse races in a season (2017 Old Birds).

Dirk Van Den Bulck
Kittel, Greipel, New Kittel, Kittel Bolt, Olympic Kittel, Olympic Rosita, Blauwe Leo, Cools Hen, Broer Goede Rode, Goede Rode

1st Final Golden Algarve OLR '21
1st Final Europa Masters OLR '21
1st Final Fauna OLR '21
1st National Ace KBDB SD YB '21
1st Natl. Ace SD KBDB '20
1st Natl. Champion '19
1st Natl. Ace SMD KBDB '18
1st Natl. Ace SD KBDB '17
1st Natl. Ace SMD YB KBDB '15 Lowest Coeff. in Belgium History
1st Natl. Ace SD YB KBDB '13 Lowest Coeff. in Belgium History
1st Natl. Ace SD OB KBDB '13
1st Olympic Ace Nitra Cat F '12

"Black Sagan"

Direct son of "Prince Kittel" & "Black Asea".

Grandson of "Marcel", "Nadja", "Asadi", & "Power Girl".

Down from Kittel, Sagan, Asadi, & De Power.

"Asadi Power" - Nestmate to "Black Hawk"

Daughter of "Asadi Junior" and "Daughter Super Dohmen 100".

Granddaughter of "Asadi", "Super Dohmen 100".

Dam to:

"Black Power"

15th Ace Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race '20

32nd 350mi Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race '20

Sister to:

"Orzel" 2nd, 5th, 9th, 13th, 30th vs big competition

"142/11" 2x top 10 big competition

1st Ace German Classic OLR vs 750b '20 

1st Hot Spot II Costa Del Sol '17

2nd Hotspot Car Race 4 285km SAMDR '16

3rd Final As Golden Derby '18

26th Final Riachos Derby '18.

"Black Hawk" bred 3rd eq 1st Final Algarve Golden Race vs 3,036b '20

Click Here to see "Black Hawk" Nestmate to "Asadi Power".


Dirk Van Den Bulck

Son of "Brother Olympic Rosita" & "Sister Kittel".


Dirk Van Den Bulck

Son of "Brother Kittel" & "Daughter Olympiade 4000".

Inbred "Goed Rode", "Brother Goed Rode", "Blauwe Leo", & "Jos Cools Hen".

"Inbred Goede Rode"

Son of "Brother Kittel" and "Sister Kittel."

Double Inbred grandson of Goede Rode.

"BULCK 321"

Granddaughter of "Brother Goede Rode", "Pithivierske", "Claudio", and "Milou".

"BULCK 212"

Daughter of a 1/2 brother "Skittel" & "Daughter Blauwe Leo".

"Next Rosita"

Daughter of "Son Blauwe Leo" and "Sister Olympic Rosita".

Blauwe Leo is in the pedigree of at least 7- 1st National Ace Pigeons in Europe in the past 9 years.

Blauwe Leo is grandsire to the "300 HEN" who is mother to "Olympic Rosita".

"Bulck 097"

Son of "Zulu" & "Ruby".

Grandson of Son Kittel, Mealy Sister Kittel 894, Sister Kittel 788, & Kittel Bolt.

Sister Kittel 788 and Kittel Bolt are the grandparents to both the 1st Final Algarve Golden Race '21 and 1st Final Europa Masters OLR -21

"Bulck 097's" full brother "Bulck 438" bred:

"Super Vaaltje"

1st  Lennik 39,125b

1st Nanteuil 2,819b

7th Afdeling   35,017b.         

4th Niergnies 1,431b

30th Quievrain 3,531b

44th Peronne 3,603b

98th Fontenay 15,396b

"Sister Super Vaaltje"

1st Niergnies 62b.
5th Quievrain 69b.
10th Duffel 487b.
19th Lennik 508b.
84th Peronne  28,284b.
173rd Roye 20,199b.
213th Pont St. Max 19,399b.

"512 Brother Super Vaaltje"

4th Lennik 39,125b.

4th Quievrain 3,531b.

51st Peronne 3,603b.

Another Full sibling bred:

1st 500km Fauna OLR '21

"Kittel 728"

Daughter of "Brother Olympic Rosita" and "Sister Kittel".

"Inbred Kittel Bolt 029"

Daughter of "Cisco" and "Ruby".

Double Inbred gr daughter of "Kittel Bolt", "Nest Sister Tornado", and "Magic Kittel".

"Ruby" is full sister to the mother of "UK Kittel" and "Bonte Bulck" the mother of "Nibali", both "UK Kittel" and "Nibali" are super racers and breeders of Big winners in OLR.

Kittel Bolt is probably the best breeding son of Kittel!!!

"Greipel Kittel Bolt"

Daughter of "Gee" and "Lydy Kittel".

"Lydy Kittel" is nestmate to "Kittel Bolt" one of the best sons of Kittel he is gr sire/ gr gr sire to 1st Natl Ace KBDB SD YB '21 Best coeff since Kittel, 1st Final Golden Algarve Race vs 4,565b '21 sold for 118,000 euro, 1st Final and 2nd Ace Europa Masters OLR '21 sold for 22,000 euro, 1st Final Fauna OLR '21.

"Lydy Kittels" full brother "Kittel Bolt 797" is sire to over 21- 1st for Rudy Van Reeth.

"Andalusion Power"

Son of "Black Sagan" and "Asadi Power".

Kittel, Sagan, Asadi, Super Dohmen 100

1/2 Sister won 15th Ace/32nd 350mi vs 5,000b Hoosier Classic '20