We believe winners breed winners and are proud to announce we are breeding from 5- 1st Ace pigeons that go back to our Ludo Claessens, 
1st & 3rd 442mi Overall Topeka Midwest Natl. Classic vs 3,619b '16.  We are the only loft in the history of the
Twin City Concourse to ever win 7- 1st Concourse races in a season (2017 Old Birds).


**Here are several great results with our birds from our friends and customers**

"We want to hear from you"

Dan Feltenstein Laser Loft
eq. 1st 350 miles Flying Aces OLR '15
eq. 1st 300 miles Lucky 17 OLR '15
John Stoll - Ludo Claessens

Shang Vang
Winning eg. 1st 300 miles Twin City Concourse
Thunder - Miss Katoog - Brother Mr Bolt - Sister Mr Bolt
Shang also won 5th Champion Old Bird Twin City Concourse & 5th Gold Band race $ winner.
Thunder/Miss Katoog

1st & 2nd 240 MPC
1st & 2nd 240 MPC
2nd - 4th 300 MPC
eq. 1st 150 NABC
eq. 1st 220 NABC
7th 350mi United Bond Race '15

Xong Thao
3rd 332 Club
Grizzly/Golden Witte 59 Ludo Claessens

Jon & Dave,
Just wanted you to know that the 110 hen that I purchased from you last year produced four outstanding youngsters this year. In our 6 races, one of the four was the first bird to my loft EVERY race. One beautiful little hen was my first bird in 4 races. What a superb family of birds you have! Nothing else in my loft can keep up with them.

Thanks, John Boyle. 801 282-6946

(Alfons Klaas, daughter Brother Mr Bolt Blue Bolt)

I was wondering if you sell young bird kits. I bought some of your birds on line a couple years ago. Crossed a red grizzle hen which I no longer have and a dark grizzle cock they gave me my winningest bird my last 2 years. Would like to get some young birds from you and maybe a couple of breeders.

Let me know Bryan L.

hi jon I just won the three hundred mile race today out of a pair of birds I bought from you the father is 192 grizzle the hen is a blue 184 I took 4th club 4th combine and 4th federation thanks for the birds this is jimmy
(Ludo Claessens)

Congratulations to LHTL Lofts for winning the 1st 4 races in the MPC & 2x 1st Twin City Concourse '14.  For LHTL lofts this is there second year racing & this year under our guidence & flying our Ludo Claessens, John Stoll, Pozzato, & Klaas bloodlines they are simply dominating the competition.  Way to go guy's!!!

Congratulations to Danny Murphy for winning 1st 181 miles Lone Star Federation vs 319 birds & 35 Lofts. Sire is a out of Snow Kng & De Klein Maria.(John Stoll - Ludo)

Congratulations to Joe Stacey for winning second eq 1st 209 miles Flying Aces OLR '13 Sire is a son of Pozzato & De Blauw 43. Dam is a daughter of Super Stoll & De Klein Maria. Joe took eq 1st in the 350 last year with a full sibling & 7th Average Speed.

Congratulations to Doug Loahr for winning 1st place 150 miles Classic Twin City Concourse 17 mph Head winds with a kid off Super Stoll & Carlia. (Line bred John Stoll pair)

Congratulations to Dan Feltenstein for taking 2nd 150 mile Viking Club 17mph Head winds vs 193 birds with AU 13 BOURGOIN 61 a kid of Thunder 83 & Grys 98. Dan also took 7th Twin City Concourse with the nestmate AU 13 BOURGOIN 62 in the Classic race. AU 12 BOURGOIN 62 won again 2nd Viking Club 150 miles vs 146 birds with a 7 mph Head wind. 9-14-13 62 wins 2nd Twin City Concourse 200 miles. (John Stoll - Ludo Claessens)

Congatulations to George Loahr for winning 7th MPC 150 miles 7 mph Head winds. with AU 13 BOURGOIN 116. 116 has been George's 1st or 2nd bird clocked the past 4 weeks. (Ludo, Stoll, Pozzato)

17th & 21st 360 miles Midwest Convention 2013
Richard Erickson - MN
Ludo Claessens - F. Vandenheede

Donated to MPC Auction
2nd Champion Bird Twin City Concourse '13
8th Ace Young Bird Twin City Concourse '13
10th Champion Bird Twin City Concourse '13
Dan Feltenstein - MN
John Stoll - Ludo Claessens

1st 145 miles Twin City Concourse vs 138 birds 17mph Headwinds
Doug Loahr - MN
John Stoll
Super Stoll x Carlia

2nd Eq 1st 209 miles Flying Aces OLR '13
Joe Stacey - MN
Grandkid of Super Stoll, Little Maria, & Pozzato.

1st 181 miles Lone Star Federation vs 319 birds & 35 Lofts
Danny Murphy - Texas
Sire is out of De Klein Maria & Snow King
John Stoll - Ludo Claessens

1st 200 mile Twin City Concourse '12
Doug Loahr - MN
Pozzato Jr & Stoll Beauty

*1st 350 miles Flying Ace One Loft Race '12
7th Average Speed
Joe Stacey - MN
Granddaughter of Pozzato, Super Stoll, De Blauw 43, & Little Maria.
AU 11 ARPU 11217
6th 120 mile vs 1,652 birds
20th 300 mile Gulf Coast Classic vs 2,152 birds '11 won $1500
Bred by James Doyle
John Stoll - Ludo Claessens

Hi Jon,
Thought you would like to know that a son of 57 the hen I got from you took 5th place in the Cap City Classic here in Washington DC this weekend. Interesting enough 57 paired to my 706 cock has either bred the out right winner or a money winner the past three years in this particular race.
Yours in the sport,
Drew Lesofski
Lavender Hill Lofts

John Stoll & Ludo Claessens

3rd Twin City Concourse 300 Mile Regular Smash Race

AU 11 STP 402 - Black

Bred by Jim H. 50% BFL Blood, bred from a sister to Lady Panther

Black Family

1st Twin City Concourse 300 Mile Classic

AU 11 ARPU 21764

Only two birds clocked in the concourse.

Cher Lee - MN

4x 1st Super Stoll when mated to Little Maria a daughter of Thunder & Maria.

Hi Jon,
Thank you for email of shipping. Just to let you know this is my first year racing young birds and I took first place in last weekends race from a pigeon born out of AU 10 STP 9184 cock that I got from you. The pigeon flew 179.836 miles against 139 birds and ten lofts at a speed of 1123.976. Thank you for giving me a helping hand by selling me a great pigeon and giving me my first win in the sport.

Also the same young bird 1358 AU 11 TRW BC took 20th place out of 371
> birds, 24 lofts from 179.836 miles from cock AU 10 STP 9184

Tracy T. - Wisc

John Stoll - Ludo Claessens - Pozzato

I just got a phone call 8/7/11 that Doug Loahr just won his 1st yb race of the season in his club with a child of "Son Super Stoll" when he was mated to a daughter of Pozzato AU 11 ARPU 21725.

3rd & 4th Ace Young Bird Heartland Federation 2010 bred out of our John Stoll family.

4th B Average Speed TC Concourse vs 55 Lofts '10 Young Birds
4th Champion Loft
7th Ace Y.B. TC Concourse - AU 10 STP 9102
"Fieneke's Dream" x "Dalmation Hen"
2nd 4 for 50 300mi. Futurity - 10 STP 9094
 "Thunder's Clone" x "Zata"
14th Ace Y.B. all Minnesota
"Golden Thunder" x "dau of Snow King"
35th Champion Loft all America AU
Flying mainly John Stoll/Ludo Claessens
Doug L. - MN

AU 09 STP 5855
Daughter of "Fieneke's Dream" & "Lady Kannibaal" bred several 1st place winners.
Mitchell K.

5th Average Speed TC. Concourse vs 50 Lofts '09 Young Birds
1st Average Speed STP Club
Flying mainly John Stoll/Ludo Claessens
Doug L. - MN

6th Ace Pigeon Heartland Federation
3rd Champion Bird Federation
1st Champion Bird United Pigeon Club
"AU 09 STP 5991"
Hekken - Stoll
Daughter of "Thunder 83" 08 BFL 83 & "Miss Klak" 08 STP 5780
Also took 2nd Champion Bird Club out of the Nest Brother to "Brock" when mated to a daughter of "Clausing 410"
Xong T. - MN

14th Place Capitol City Classic '09
Bred out of a daughter of "Thunder" & "Miss Katoog"
John Stoll - Ludo Claessens
Drew - Washington

hi jon/dave my name is kim vang, im a friend xong who you sold pigeons to earlier in the year. You sold me a grandson of thunder- ludos thunder x super star and a inbred granddaughter of hekkenbro mr klak x hekkenstyle a- a full sister to your miss klak..i put them together and they bred me a 2nd place 200 mile 181 birds 16 lofts, open race of the united pigeon club... very pleased as i was since the bird hatched in early may so throughout the race season she was molting. i personally didn't get to race 0839 myself but i was fortunate enough to know the president of the united pigeon club( distant uncle) and he offered to test her for me. just letting you know im very pleased with the purchase and looking forward to see what they'll produce in the future.   
WinSpeed-20                      United Pigeon Club               09/19/09-19:26
                               Weekly UPR Race Report                     Page 1
                             Open and Sportsman Category
Name: AMES                         Young Bird Race              Flown: 09/19/2009
Released: 08:30   Birds: 181   Lofts: 16                        Station: AMES IA
Weather (Rel) Scat, E 2, 60 degrees      (Arr) Clear, S 7, 76 degrees
  1  0.55 COB FAB LOFT  512   AU 09 APC   BC   H  3 12:52:11 209 00.00 1404.197 10
  2  1.10 COB FAB LOFT  839   AU 09 APC   BC   H  5 12:52:30   2 00.19 1402.503 10
  3  1.66 Vang Bros Lo 3873   AU 09 VIK   BB   H  0 12:48:15 205 01.22 1396.718  5
  4  2.21 Vang Bros Lo  242   AU 09 APC   BCPD H  0 12:48:18   2 01.26 1396.394  5
  5  2.76 FLYING ACES   480   AU 09 APC   BBPD H  0 12:46:27 203 01.38 1395.185  5
  6  3.31 FLYING ACES  13158  AU 09 GOLD  BB   C  0 12:46:30   2 01.41 1394.940  5
  7  3.87 FLYING ACES  27480  AU 09 AA    BBPD H  5 12:46:33   3 01.45 1394.587 10
  8  4.42 FLYING ACES  27485  AU 09 AA    DBB  H  0 12:46:35   4 01.46 1394.469  5
  9  4.97 FLYING ACES  5987   AU 09 STP   DBB  H  0 12:46:42   5 01.53 1393.853  5
 10  5.52 EVANEY LOFT    66   AU 09 APC   GRIZ H  0 12:49:39 205 02.32 1390.421  5
 11  6.08 EVANEY LOFT     8   AU 09 APC   BC   H  0 12:49:43   2 02.36 1390.073  5
 12  6.63 EVANEY LOFT    43   AU 09 APC   BB   H  0 12:50:04   3 02.58 1388.176  5
 13  7.18 EVANEY LOFT    64   AU 09 APC   BC   H  0 12:50:06   4 02.59 1388.016  5
Hekken - Stoll x  Ludo/Stoll - Huub Hermanns
Kim V. - MN

AU Convention '08
24th - 56th - 110th
John Stoll - Klak 613
Bourgoin Family Lofts

Colorado Gold Rush '08
2nd Eq. 1st 120mi. Race
Hekken - Stoll
Bourgoin Family Lofts

6th A Average Speed TC Councourse vs 53 Lofts '08
2nd B Average Speed TC Councourse vs 59 Lofts '08
3rd & 4th Champion Bird Concourse
2x 1st Concourse
1st A & B Average Speed STP Club '08
1st Champion Bird A & B Club
11x 1st Club
Bourgoin Family Lofts

6th B Average Speed TC Concourse vs 55 Lofts '09
9th Champion Bird Concourse
1st B Average Speed STP Club
1st Champion Bird A & B Club
3x 1st Club
Bourgoin Family Lofts

2nd B Average Speed  TC Concourse same YPM as winning Loft vs 55 Lofts '10 Young Birds
1st  - 3rd - 6th - 7th Champion Bird TC Concourse
1st Champion Loft
2nd Team Score
**1st Ace Young Bird all Minnesota**
11x 1st Club
Bourgoin Family Lofts